Wheels and Designs – Radi8 & Raffa Wheels

We are in 2019, a year in which there is an increase in the number of lovers of stance.

Such as Quality Stance, Radi8 appeared in 2015, and today we speak with one of the creators of the brand.

“Hi S.L. how are you brother? Tell us more about radi8 … “ -Q.S

” Hi, (…) Radi8 is the brand I work with my UK partner. We are trying to offer the craziest design and only for enthusiasts. Becauqse the designs nowadays are too boring.
This is the original concept of the brand.“-S.L.

Radi8 – r8s5

“Recently Touchdownwheels created Raffa Wheels (2018), Raffa is the brand that tries to be more hipster-like in the wheel industry.

Designs are simple but sometimes maintaining it simple is the hardest.

And we will come out whith new features this year!”

We target Raffa’s owners, who want to take control of their life and pursue quality life, like the Raffa’s RS-03.

S. L.

Raffa Wheels – RS03

Although It has been a brief dialogue, it has come to understand that we will soon have another quality alternative.

Soon Avaliable in Europe!

Visit our store – https://qualitystance.bigcartel.com

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